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Me, you and the sea.

Good afternoon from the Mediterranean,

At the moment all i see around us and Pepper is endless water, the sun and blue skies. We have the waters pretty much to ourselves, and with some wind we have managed to sail a bit as well. Learning by doing is challenging and fun. We left 5 in the morning yesterday and sailed for 16 hours and we managed to get the sails up, and not kill each other;)



With good help of the autopilot we switch on having primary responsibility for navigation and guidance of the boat, two hours each and at this moment André is in charge. It´s best to do it that way when sailing/driving for 16 hours straight. We aim to be at shore in Dénia, a little Spanish town, at 7 tonight.



This little guy took a hike with us for a while, at the end of the trip today. So cute!

Today is my fathers 70 years birthday, so it feels a bit strange to be here and not home in Norway. But, we are Skyping later and celebrating when they come to visit us in the US in just 7 weeks, so it´s ok. Happy birthday dad<3

Our day started 6 in the morning today, and it is so beautiful taking Pepper out in the dark and see the sunrise from deck in the middle of the ocean.

Happy Heart!


And by the way, happy Halloween!!! 🙂

With Purpose & Pepper




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