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Sea life

One of the best feelings i know is the freshness from drying in the sun after a crispy dip in the sea! Salty hair, sun beams in my face and the pure feeling of nature is hard to compete with, and with my husband dancing to KYGO around the boat it get´s even better. Oh, these days at sea!

I could easily spend some more days here, but Pepper will have to wait a bit for more adventure because in some days we are going home. Luckily we have found the best Marina for her to stay, and since it´s winter in DC anyway, it will be better for her here. ( Kind of funny how I call our boat “her”, but she is a lady after all;) IMG_8438 copy


IMG_8451 copy

Jump for joy!

Today we have been working with the boat and prepping everything non stop. We leave tomorrow morning after a 12 days fantastic experience. We have become better sailors, seen so many small, charming places down the Spanish coast, found a good place for Pepper and made a lot of new, fun memories. Tomorrow we drive to Barcelona, and spend 24 hours there before we head back to the US.

A fab beginning to our sail dream <3



With Purpose & Pepper



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