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Beautiful Dénia

We have the city of Dénia as a base for the second day in a row now, and this little hidden pearl has really surprised us. Not only does it have a charming, vibrant atmosphere, a fantastic Marina , beautiful, old mixed with new architecture, mountains and beaches- it also has the best breakfast i have ever had! Fuego, a little restaurant down by the Marina is fantastic and has given us the best morning two days in a row. Healthy choices and delicious food while sitting in the sun really makes my morning.



We have been spending a lot of time on our boat, but also been exploring the city and a lot of it´s history. Pretty fascinating. One of these places you don´t expect that much from, but then it turns out to be much better than all the touristy places in the area, in our opinion. The Marina here is voted the best one in the Mediterranean, so Pepper is pretty satisfied as well.









Tonight we have cooked and chilled out in the boat, and it is so so cozy in here! Evenings with silence, lot´s of candles, and falling asleep to the gentle rocking motion from the sea is some of the best things with living on a boat. I can get used to this! 🙂



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