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2016 Recap


It´s almost impossible to make a “look back” from all the big and small stuff that happens during a whole year, so I have picked out a few of my top memories in a little Recap from my 2016. A year filled with intent, love, grief, tears, adversity, success,laughter, adventure and tons of small amazing moments.

Top 5  most emotional memories from 2016:

♥ Enjoying the incredible sunrise from our catamaran in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean with my father, mother and husband<3

♥ All the moments of incredible strong love, respect and deep conversations between me and my closest family, during the weeks we spent in the hospital with my father.

♥Meeting Anna, my niese,  for the very first time.

♥ Early morning outside a little Island in the Mediterranean, in our boat, with my love. Taking in an almost unreal atmosphere just me, him and the nature.

♥ Saying goodbye to Greg, our foster dog for 6 months, when he left for his “Forever Home”.

Top 5 most adventurous moments:

♥ Walking trough the red rock desert in Arizona before sunrise to sit at the edge of Horse shoe bend at the break of dawn.

♥ White Water rafting down The New Gorge River.

♥ Meeting rocky weather and high waves for the first time, sailing in the Mediterranean.

♥ Meeting a grizzly bear in Grand Teaton that stayed within sight for 5 minutes.

♥ Walking on Grizzly territories, in the forest of Yellowstone, discovering huge waterfalls and geysers

Top 5 most fun-filled and laughter-filled memories.

♥ Discovering wonders of the world, making up new songs and laughing until we couldn´t breathe while road tripping trough the South West of the United states.

♥ Hour long dance parties with my girls in our suite in Sonoma Valley, on our Cali girl trip.

♥ Salsa dancing until sunrise in DC with my sister in law, Lene.

♥ Lying in bed, drinking champagne and telling stories, singing and dancing with my best girl friends. (Yes, the thirties requires some childish girls time where you laugh until you can´t breath.)

♥ Spontaneous social DC brunches that turned into full evening parties and a very tired Camilla the morning after.

Top 5 Sporty memories:

♥ Hiking The Narrows, up stream, for 8 hours in cold water.

♥ Learning to rock climb at Eart Trek

♥ Horseback riding with a real cowboy trough red rock land and over rivers, in Zion National Park.

♥ Attending a weeks course for dance teachers at Alvin Ailey, New York.

♥ Throwing ourselves out there and sailing a large Catamaran for days without any experience. Learning by doing is great as long as you take precautions 🙂

Top 5 most breathtaking moments:

♥ Driving in Yellow Stone Park when suddenly hundreds of wild bison walks from the meadows out in front of our car while making huge noise.

♥ Exploring a little piece of the Underworld, when walking trough Luray Caverns, Virginia.

♥ Seeing the most unbelievable sunset over the incredible Monument Valley.

♥ Waking up in our boat to enjoy the sunrise, all alone, outside a little Island in the Mediterranean.

♥ Coming in to a fairytale-like scene in Zion National Park at night. Camping under the full moon,  surrounded by thousands of stars and white huge mountains- that  was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Top 5 vegetarian recipes from “My Vegan Journey”. :

♥ Vegan Taco. Try it here.

♥ Colorful Smoothie. Try it here.

♥ Black Bean Casserole. Try it here.

♥ Warm Fall Bowl. Try it here. 

♥ Coconut Chocolate Mousse. Try it here.

Top 5 summer moments:

♥ Norwegian summer sun, family, friends and ocean life.

♥ Enjoying gorgeous summer sunsets over Washington DC.

♥ Beach time in the Hamptons with my love.

♥ Magic moments by River Gorge.

♥ Enjoying the little things like the Norwegian and the American wildflowers.

Top 5 cutest moments:

♥ All the small or big surprises from my man. A written card, flowers a weekend trip or just a fun-filled weekend in DC.

♥ The support I got from my friends in Norway during the toughest days of my life, in May.

♥ Me and André coming home to a clean house, the fridge filled with food, a cooked meal and flowers on every table in the house after months in Norway. My American bestie, Ashley did it all to surprise us after everything that happened in    Norway that spring.

♥ My mum coming over to the US after I had surgery. She wanted me to be “a little girl” for a week.

♥ The videos of my niese that my sister sends me almost daily.

Top 5 achievements:

♥ Successfully re-launching Purpose & Pepper.

♥ Passing my last exam and becoming a Certified Health Counselor and Holistic Health Coach.

♥ Creating and conducting a successful “solo-event” to raise awareness around Food health, Food production and the impact it has on our planet and everything on it.  Check out “Bites With a Purpose” here. 

♥ Working consistenly to help raise awareness, support and volunteer for several issues I care about.

♥ Choreographing for, and speaking on stage at Arctic Cool, in front of 200 DC proffessionals.

Top 5 best everyday life memories:

♥  Hitting the gym every week with my favorite workout partner and husband.

♥ Creative work and writing here at my platform- Purpose & Pepper

♥ Experimenting with smoothies and vegetarian recipes in the kitchen.

♥  Me and André sharing ideas, sitting down to plan and build our dreams on an ordinary weekday.

♥ The evenings we do absolutely nothing else than relax and talk until bedtime.

Top 5 most memorable moments shared with friends:

♥ Gathering around the table at our rooftop or our friends Ashley and Marc´s place for several amazing dinners.

♥ Trip to our friends summer cabin in Norway.

♥ Gathering in Manhattans oldest bar, drinking beer with amazing people, at the coldest day in New York in over 60 years.

♥ Enjoying life at Wolff Creek Vineyard, with my girls.

♥ Exploring Washington DC and dining around the city with our best Norwegian friends here in Washington.

Top 5 travels:

♥ Roadtrip trough the south west of the USA. Exploring Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and California.

♥ Sail trips in the mediterranean in our Cat.

♥ White Water rafting trip to West Virginia, USA.

♥ Girl trip to California.

♥ Dénia with my hubby, mum and Dad.

Top 5 out of my comfort zone experiences:

♥ My presentation at the “Bites With a Purpose” event.

♥ Exposing myself trough Purpose & pepper on social media.

♥ Living and working by myself over time,  in New York City, only weeks after my father passed.

♥ First session with a client as a Holistic Health Coach.

♥Defying my fear of heights and rock climbing to the top at Earth Trek center.

Top 5 weekend trips:

♥ New York with my hubby.

♥ Camping trip to fire Island and Greenport.

♥ Roadtrip to the historic city, Annapolis.

♥ Roadtrip to St. Michaels with André, his brother, partner and baby.

♥ The Hamptons- Long Island

Top 5 projects supported by Purpose & Pepper:

♥ “Girls around the Globe” at The United Nations. A fundraiser for Girls Education trough Girls Health Ed.

♥ “Marthas Table”. A non-profit organization, an active charity and volunteer center in Washington, D.C

♥ “City Dogs Rescue”. Rescues adoptable dogs and cats in overcrowded and high-kill shelters, where resources are severely limited.

♥ “Year Of The Elephant” A global movement to celebrate and protect elephant´s and rhinos.

♥ “Arctic Cool” An event on The arctic areas and climate change hosted by The Norwegian Embassy.

Top 5 social events:

♥ Dinér en Blanc at the National Mall

♥ Thai feast was just one of the many team dinners at our friends, Ashley and Marc´s place. Always amazing<3

♥ Oscar party.

♥  Visits to The White House, with family and friends.

♥ Ladies Powerlunch in DC.

With Purpose & Pepper



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