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Meatless Monday

Good morning people!

It´s Meatless Monday, and on that occasion I´m sharing a salad recipe of mine that I tested out on a sunny day at the roof top a little while ago. It´s spicy and delicious and best of all; it´s SO good for you! But first, a little more about Meatless Monday. This is a global movement with one simple message: Cut the meat, once a week!


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Personally I rarely eat meat and the less we all do that, the better it will be for our planet, our animals and for our bodies. This is something most people know, the problem is that the message often stops with knowledge, not action. In my opinion, movements like Meatless Monday  is perfect in order to get more people on board,  taking action and small concrete steps towards something big.  As much as I admire people that change over night and becomes vegan or change radically to something better, I truly belive that for most people taking small steps rather than doing everything at once makes it easier to achieve their goals.

It´s a known fact that the key to health behavior change is to create healthy habits that can be sustained over time, and I belive the impact will be more considerable when engaging people in something they actually see as manageable rather than trying to get people to go vegan all at once. That´s why I love this movement!


The Meatless Monday Movements goal is to reduce meat consumption by 15%, for our personal health and the health of the planet. Today the movement is embraced in 36 countries, in 12 languages, demonstrating the universal appeal of an idea that is simple to understand and easy to do. The simplicity of Meatless Monday’s message has allowed the campaign to be embraced by a wide audience and the message is being shared by participants all around the world at the same time as the health benefits of reducing meat consumption is becoming more known through regular media.

Monday is the beginning of the week and the perfect day to explore new things, try new recipes and think a little outside of the box and you otherwise regular routine. If caring for animals and our planet isn´t enough reason for you to join Meatless Mondays, then you should check this out and see what it does for your personal health. ♥


A good way to start is to try this tasty treat:

Spicy Beet Salad:

1 handfull chopped up kale

1 handfull spinach

2 ts quinoa

1 handfull chopped up beets

3 ts grated carrot

1 handfull raw broccoli

1 handfull Tofu 

Blend it all together in a large kitchen bowl adding a little dash of hot chilly sauce and a tiny dash of olive oil. Sprinkle some cheese of your choice over it  ( I used crispy parmesan in my salad) and voila- Enjoy!


Happy Meatless Monday to all of you!


With Purpose & Pepper 




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