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Getaway to Shenandoah Valley.

Happy Monday, nope wait… it´s Tuesday! A little confused from our long weekend here in America. President´s day (nope, not to much to celebrate the sitting president for but there has been some GREAT ones in the past) gave us a long weekend with some incredible summer weather over 20C. And some claim climate change is a hoax?! …

We came back late yesterday after an amazing trip to Shenandoah Valley. Fresh mountain air, country side charm and the two cutest lamas we ever saw was just a little part of the experience. Oh, how I love to get close up with nature and explore new places♥

I´m stopping by the blog to post my Asian Salmon recipe (see separate post), but first, here´s a taste of our “Little Washington” and Shenandoah Valley getaway.


Energized and happy I´m ready to take on a new week in the capitol. I´m off crutches again and recovering fast, so I´ll better get to work. I´m spending the day at an office in the building to contact dance and sportswear brands for a future project and to finalize a IIN paper on Holistic Health. The sun is shining and tonight we are going to a concert down the street. Life<3

Please make sure to read my recipe for Asian Salmon that I´ll post in a second. I wish you a good rest of your week, make it a great one!


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