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Wild Asian Salmon

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Not to much time on my hand today, but just wanted to share this delicious dinner option with you. I recommend eating salmon once or twice a week for the desirable omega-3 fatty acid it contains. Omega-3s can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, decrease inflammation, enhance mood and prolong life. I strongly recommend wild salmon.

There really aren´t much rules for this recipe and you can use your favorite ingredients as sides, but these are delicious and a good option.

Ingredients : ♥Wild Alaskan Salmon ♦Wild Rice ♥1 Mango ♥Chopped Cucumber ♥Chopped avokado ♥Chopped scallions  ♥Cilantro ♥Fish sauce ♥Sesame seeds

To do: Boild the rice. Chop all the ingredients and place them separately on a plate. Chop the salmon in pieces and stir fry it for about 1 minute. Place the salmon on top of the rice, next to the other chopped ingredients  and top with sesame seeds and Cilantro. Poor the sauce into a small container for dipping on the plate.

Voila! A quick, healthy and tasty meal. Now- your turn!



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