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Dear Monday People!

I hope your weekend was good. Mine sure was! I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and husband here in the city, even though I also spend a half day inside working. I´m relaxed and so ready for a new week in The Nations Capital.

For this Meatless Monday I have a juicy and tasty recipe ready for you. This one makes a super healthy alternative for lunch or as a side dish for dinner and it taste so good even my husband asks for it when it’s my turn to make dinner. What is also great with this  dish is that you can use what you got in the fridge. It´s just up to your imagination. I chose the colorful superfood- BEETS. The green flower head, propped with health benefits- BROCCOLI.  And the nutritional power house- BEANS. I have to say I think the beet adds an extra something to it, and since it´s also one of the most healthy bad boys you can eat, the choice is easy.

You need: (for four people) : ♥1 large head of broccoli  ♥4 small beets or 2 big ones  ♥2 cans of beans of choice  ♥4 cloves of garlic  ♥1 handful cashew nuts  ♥1 handful vegan cheese or parmesan  ♥1 tea spoon Thyme  ♥Black pepper  ♥Vegetable oil

How to:  

  1. Set the oven to 190 F, 175 C.
  2. Cut the beets and the broccoli in 2 cm pieces. Place it together with the beans on a ovenproof dish.
  3. Cut the garlic gloves in small pieces and drizzle it on top of the rest of the ingredients, together with Vegetable Oil, cashews, a dash of black pepper and a tbs thyme.
  4. Blend it all together and drizzle cheese on top of it.
  5. Put in oven for 25 minutes, blend once so it doesn’t stick to the pan.

Happy Meatless Monday, everyone!


With Purpose & Pepper



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