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Happy International Women´s Day

Happy International Women´s Day!

There is so many amazing projects, movements and world wide initiatives on this important day and I think I was just part of one of the great ones, here in Washington DC. Participating in The Women´s March to show solidarity with the women striking around the world today.

I´m from Norway, one of the countries in the world where women and men are considered equal, that does not mean that I can sit silent in my chair and watch when gender inequality still exists in various forms globally. The March was a success and very inspiring.

Because I believe education is the most powerful tool to fight gender inequality and because I admire this project and volunteer for it I would like to give a `shout out` to an amazing Nonprofit organization, here on Purpose & Pepper today:

Girls Health Ed are a Nonprofit that educates girls throughout the US and Kenya between the ages of 8 and 17 and their mission is:
“To foster a world where girls and young women can make informed decisions
about their lives”

You can check out their awesome new website and support them here.  I also wrote another post about them a while ago, that you can read here.

Whether you´re male or female, I hope your day is good and that you celebrate in any way you see fit. I´m excited to go to an International Women´s Day event tonight, and are jumping into my red pantsuit as we speak. Follow on Insta story:)


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