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Bites With A Purpose, Spring
Last Monday I held the second  “Bites With a Purpose” event after launching this event series back in November 2016. I am happy to say it was a success and so grateful for all the people that helped and performed their magic at the event night, so that all 80 guests got what they came for.
Great people, delicious food and an important message was part of this event, where we continued to raise awareness around how we all, through CONSCIOUS FOOD CHOICES, can fairly easily and in the most effective way, take part in improving the state of our planet and everyone living on it.
Bites With a Purpose is an event series that focuses on real food, and the importance of making conscious food choices. We work to raise awareness around how this is important for absolutely everyone, no matter what you care about. Because, food and food production is the heart of our health crisis and a large part of the reason for our environmental challenges, and that effects everyone living on this planet in some sort of way. In other words: Food CAN fix it!
Whether it is for the sake of climate change, public health, animal welfare, hunger, children or something else, food is an area where we all can make a difference for what we care about. And the good news is, it doesn´t require a total makeover or some kind of radical change. It just requires us all to care and make small sustainable changes, step by step. By doing so, we invest in our own health and the planets and we also make real food more accessible for everyone, everywhere.
Trough Bites With A Purpose we aim to increase the popularity around making healthy, mindful and sustainable choices, and to educate people on these subjects. Steps among many, not just leaps among a few, will take us far.
So many inspiring and engaged people gathered for this evening,
Here´s Bites With a Purpose, Spring – in pictures:
Here´s some details on the different establishments and people I have been collaborating with for this event:
The vegan and vegetarian bites for the evening was made partly by me and the other part was sponsored. Our amazing sponsors did a great job and people loved the food. You should check out their websites for recipes and more info.
  • Denise Hicks with Postmodern Foods. 

Postmodern Foods is flipping the concept of fast food on its head. They serve high quality and nutrient-rich foods for a convenience-loving culture.  So, you can get a healthy option on the go! Check it out here  

  •  Jurgita Caballero with “Living an abundant life 365”

Jurgita are focusing on teaching men and women,  how to live an abundant life trough the power of whole foods and sustainable lifestyle adjustments. You can find her here

  • Ginny Wright with Total Wellness Challenge.

A 30 days total wellness challenge that helps you develop and maintain healthy habits and overall well-being. If you want to be challenged, check it out here.

Our entertainment for the evening brought a tear to the eyes of many guests, in a good way:)

 There is an inspiring nonprofit organization and school here in Washington that not only educates young dancers, but they broaden horizons one child at the time.
 I have been lucky enough to work with the talented, young dancers at The Dance Institute of Washington and this evening two beautiful, young dancers performed my choreography “Our Planet, Our Choices». Thank you so much to Azaria and Marquitte, you make me very proud.♥ Please check out The Dance Institute of Washington to consider supporting them!
Our amazing speakers for the evening:
  • Kelly Carnes, marketing representative for Memphis Meats.

There is an amazing, innovative team of people in the US that are changing the world by developing a way to produce real meat from animal cells. I am of course talking about Memphis Meats and we were lucky enough to have Kelly telling us about this fascinating and exciting concept that will help changing this world for the better. Please check out Memphis Meats here. 

  •  Jurgita Caballero CEO of  “Living an abundant life 365”

This evening Jurgita gave us some examples o how to reduce meat consumption in your daily diet.  Check out her business here

Other sponsors and supporters of Bites With A Purpose: 

  • Brian Kateman, Founder and president of The Reducetarian Foundation.

The Reducetarian Foundation aims to improve human health, protect the environment, and spare farm animals from cruelty by reducing consumption of animal products. They envision a world in which societal consumption of red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy is significantly reduced. In a few words: it’s not all-or-nothing. They celebrate the small changes in personal and institutional behavior that collectively result in a significant difference in the world. Please support them here

  • Ashley Adams with Chicville USA did our styling and shot the event. She is a natural talent and a true artist. If you want to take the aesthetic part of your event to another level of perfection you should check out her website here.
  • RXBAR       Filled up our giveaway bags with some nutritious goodies. A good option for a healthy snack. Here
  • Streets Marked on 14th street Washington DC. Covering us with delicious and organic beverages for the event.

I can´t wait for the next happening in this event series, and I hope you all will stay tuned:)

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