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Time to say goodbye, America.

And then, after 3 incredible years in the United States ..
It’s with the most bittersweet feeling Our days living in DC is coming to an end, for now. Emotional days with tears, smiles and everything happening at the same time. We are so sad to leave ‘our people’ here and will miss them a ton, even though we will be seeing some of them in Europe already this summer. They are a big part of our incredible book of memories from 3 years in the states and I wish I could just squueze them all in my suitcase.


As for the city of DC, New York and the parts of the United States I have gotten to know- I will really miss this place, in so many ways. I have learned and experienced SO much! Being lucky enough to get to explore a large chunck of this big and diverse country I have discovered that the cultural differences from Norway is as significan’t here as I found it to be when living in Brazil. Just in a different form.
That has made this journey even more of a learning curve and it has broadened my view on this world.

It’s said that in order to really learn you have to get way out of your comfort zone. I have done that weekly and now I could not be happier for just that. And all the fun these years has contained.

Friday we are leaving this power city and heading back to Europe. Yesterday we said goodbye to our apartment in 14 th street, which felt surreal and really emotional. Capitol View has been a really cool place to live and we have made friends for life in that building. It has been so much fun with them but also with family and friends visiting from Norway. I will miss everyone, from the people at the front desk to the staff at the cafè and the grocery store in the building. If you see this, guys. I wish you all the best<3

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in the lobby of the Melrose in Georgetown, Washington DC. We have stayed here since Thursday last week, due to our stuff being sent off over the Atlantic Ocean and home.

Whaaaaat? Is that really happening? Still feels so surreal when thinking about it.

I hate saying goodbye, but that’s what you got to do when moving from one continent to another. Luckily the world is small today, so few of these are goodbyes. Just a simple, we’ll meet again.
At this point we have had a leaving party at the Embassy, a leaving dinner with our closest friends here and a kick ass leaving party with friends. One word- Despasito! 😉

I have said goodbye to event-partners, organizations I’m volunteering for, forsterdogs that are now in homes and my favorite parts of the city. Now, the only things left are packing up our last things, and tomorrow we are waking up early to catch the sunrise from ‘our spot’, down by The National Mall.




DC you have been so good to us! Thank’s for 3 amazing years. To all of out friends, we are grateful to have you and can’t wait for our paths to cross again.


With Purpose & Pepper





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