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Roadtrip Alpene

Hello there from the sea, somewhere between mainland Italy and The french Island of Corsica.

We left La Spezia earlier today and soon all we will see is ocean and a sky full og stars. Tomorrow morning we will arrive in Corsica and I can’t wait to explore it!! Excited!!

Crossing from mainland out on open sea at night is a fantastic and very intense experience. It’s a bit scary, insanely beautiful, humbling and so much fun! I’m so happy to be here with the man I love.

The last week we have spent 5 days on a roadtrip to explore some innland as well. It’s been a blast, and here’s a few highlights from our roadtrip.

We started by going to a place we have great memories from the wedding of my best friend, three years ago. Tuscany is beautiful and this time we got to see another part of it. We stayed over at a house just an hour from Pisa, that a couple of our friends had rented. Of course we had to check out that crooked little tower:)

We spent the day and morning after with ten awesome folks, good food, wine and tons of laughter. Got a morning run trough the lavender fields and the tall trees that makes me think of The Gladiator (ah, Russel Crowe..) before we continued the roadtrip. Tuscany is stunning and we had a lot of fun. I prefer to visit in Spring or fall due to the heath but hey, I´m NOT complaining;)

When being like me you cannot drive past a sunflower flower field and not stop to smell them… It’s all in the little things. And on our way to Florence we made a stop at one of them, followed by some hours in San Gimignano. An old rustic village town known to be one of the most beautiful in all of Italy. We got a little taste of it and some gelato, with was just enough due to nearly 50 degrees Celcius in the streets. Such a lovely town, with it´s 15 towers and red-tiled roofs. i recommend going there in spring or fall to skip the heath.

Next stop were the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence/Firenze. Amazing views over the domed cathedral and the rest of the city.

And then there was Bologna, the city of Pasta Bolognese (I´ll prefer it vegetarian, thank you;)  and the city I found most charming. We stayed in an old medieval building, at hotel Art Hotel Commercianti that lies right next to Piazza Maggiore. I truly recommend this place as it´s old and authentic but stylish and chic at the same time, and it has the perfect location. We walked the streets of Bologna during sunset and all evening, had spaghetti bolognese, a lot of gelato, saw the two leaning towers and ended the evening with an outdoor movie at Piazza Maggiore. Happy hearts.♥

The 3 next days we explored the Italian and Swiss Alps and WOW what a place! I have never been to the Alps before and it blew me away. Majestic and incredibly beautiful nature, lots of fun activities and fresh mountain air. So amazing! I love the contrasts in  life and moving from the sea up to the mountains gives you the best of two worlds. We started in the Tyrolean Alps, where wines meets the mountains. Cavalese was first stop. After that we drove up the famous Stelvio Pass and spent two days mountain biking in Bormio 300o moh. I biked down from 3012 Moh my first time on a mountain bike and felt like a champ;) A few bruises later it was awesome to soak in the bubble bath of our hotel down in Bormio town.  Miramonti Park hotel is a must if you ever want to stay in Bormio, it made me feel like I was back in Norway with it´s mountain interior and cozy atmosphere.

Stelvio Pass

3012 Moh


On our way back to the boat we did a day trip to Livorno and checked out the Swizz Alps. If life allows it, I will be back in the Alps soon. That being said it felt AMZING to be back in our little floating home, in La Spezia.

We belong at sea, you and me:)


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