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Corsica – French paradise under Italian sun.

Bonne journée!!

Sending greetings from Corsica, the beautiful French Island under the Italian sun. So far it’s living up to it’s expectations with it’s rugged mountain archipelagio, small picturesque cities and villages and endless turquoise waters.

We have sailed around this Island for almost 2 weeks now, visiting so many charming bays and villages, and for 11 days my mum, sister, brother in law and little niese has been onboard. It’s been amazing!!! To travel by boat, explore different places together and wake up every day having breakfast together and good conversations is priceless. My father, much of the reason why I love boatlife so much, is deeply missed but it feels good to be together as a family, traveling in a way that is truly in his spirit.

If you want to explore Corsica this is the places I reccomend the most:

  1. Bonifacio, a little city in a ‘Rock Canyon’. So charming and facinating, especially by boat. Remember to reserve a spot if you want a birth in the marina. You can also anchor right outside.
  2. Scandola- nature paradise
  3. Lil Russe- charming little village town with amazing resturants.
  4. Campomoro, beautiful little bay where we anchored up. We also went diving there.

Here´s a little taste of our Corsica adventure.

Taco night with the fam, onboard Pepper in Bonifaco harbor.

Island life and a drone

My family has left and now we are spending the next 4 days here in Bonifacio as I need to be on land and get a lot of work done. Last night we watched the fireworks in Bonifaci, alone from our little dingy out at sea, and it was just spectacular. I am holding on to each moment of this adventure. Saturday we are heading for Lavazzi Island snorkle paradise, followed by Sardinia Island. Can´t wait!

Yes, life is pretty damn good right now! 🙂


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