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Wild beauty in Capri

Capri, the island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, is one I´ve always heard about.   It´s famed for its rugged landscape, caves and azure blue sea, which is what we came for. Its even more famed for its super posh visitors, yachts, luxury restaurants and shopping, and it was quite interesting sailing in there with our not so big but amazing “Pepper”, passing one insane luxury yacht after another. I have to say I feel more at home with a more bohemian crowd and it is a bit too much and way to posh for our style, but the nature and beauty of this island made it worth coming here despite of that. In fact, Capri has one of the most stunning landscapes I’ve seen in the Med so far with it´s dramatic, cove-studded coastline, its lush greenery and flowers and wild beauty. This Island is a legend and its of course fun to be in the midst of a place that has charmed both Roman rulers and  Hollywood legends trough many years. We sure had our portion of fun in this Island paradise.


To get around the IslandI recommend renting a scooter if you want to explore. We put on a couple of Italian helmets and discovered as much as we could of this pearl. A great tip is getting up early to avoid the tourists and go to the well known “Groto Azzurra” before the crowd awakes. Make sure to stop an see the sunrise and/or sunset from a cliff and grab a limoncello on your way back to get the real “Capri-feel”.

Chiao Capri!

To just BE, onboard our boat with André is still my fav.  Next up on our journey is the Amalfi Coast. Yaaay!

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