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Its been a fun, exciting, scary but awesome 5 days and we are now in Crotone under “The Foot of Italy”, waiting for the heavy winds to calm so we can cross over to explore the other side of the Ionian Sea. We had a couple of long sailing stages, both night and day, working our way down The Tyrrhenian Sea, past the tip of Sicily and trough the Strait of Messina, What an adventure! Most of the stretches was calm with ok winds, and we enjoyed our time onboard with music, food, swimming, sailing duty, dancing and such:)

We also had some crazy times, like when the winds were around 35 knots and we had to anchor up in a bay during the night, when the wind got so heavy that we couldn´t hear our own voices and the nature really  showed its force. Nights like that we switch sitting awake to have control over the situation.

Another night sail where we planned to cross over to Crotone, but hours after we left the weather forecast winds dobbeled, and got up to around 30 knots. It was pitch dark outside and we knew we had over 15 hours of sailing “open ocean” and no control over when the wind would calm. Our boat can take much more than that, and we handled the situation well, but with high waves and still 6 hours more to go in the dark we turned around and waited to the next day. So, many types of sailing situations handled in just 5 days. It´s such a learning curve, and so unique to experience this with my husband. We are all alone out here, and it takes a lot of trust and teamwork to handle it all. ♥ Here’s a little taste of our last 5 days, except when its heavy I of course forget to pick up the camera, so these pics are all idyllic. Trust me, that’s not how this sailing life always is. Its rugged, real and heavy – and that is why I love it so much. Nothing beats nature!

Sailing in the dark of the night, surrounded by wild black ocean, pushed by winds and high waves. All we can see is stars and each other. Truly one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced.

Spending the night anchored up in a bay, sailing out before sunrise.

Going out in windy waters, with a 24 hours sail in front of us. Gooo Norway!! 🙂

Passing Stromboli, a small island north of Sicily. this is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and how it looks like at sunrise from the ocean.. WOW!

Moon coming up before a calm night of sailing, tv episodes and a lot of cand onboard:)

Endless days at sea requires some working as well. Not the worst “office” in the world. Preparing to open a business when we go back to Norway.

Waking up to this! Only the ocean, “Pepper”, us and our drone. Life is beautiful out there!

Breakfast at sea:)

It was incredible passing trough The Strait of Messina! This is a narrow strait between the eastern tip of Sicily and the western tip of Calabria in the south of Italy. We felt a bit “small” passing trough this narrow straight, but it went fine with some planning and reading up on it. A bit to exciting to bring up my camera, which I of course regret at this moment:)

Ay ai, Captain can see land in sight..

Moody weather in Crotone. Stunning!



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