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Back in Norway after 6 years.


Its been a while but here I am- A new continent, a new city, new home, new job and new a lot of things.. This has been the last month for me and André when we came back to Norway after 6 years living abroad. Its overwhelming, so cool and superduper busy, and it feels just right for this time of our lives. Packing up a life, where we have been each others closest family with no one else from home around, was emotional. But I am so incredible thankful to have had those 6 years abroad with André. I feel I have experienced, learned and had enough fun for a whole lifetime and even though I am the same girl that left 6 years ago, I am also changed in many ways. I will never ever forget that journey, and it will be something that in many ways has shaped me as a person. Thanks André, for being my rock, my adventure partner and team player these incredible years.♥

Sailing the Med for these last 4,5 months was a pretty smooth transition. My heart is SO full and our memory book is even fuller. We sailed an ocean, and we did it pretty well (except from a few bumps in the road) and I’m super proud that we have made our dream come true.

Coming home to family and friends has been nothing short of amazing! To be able to do something as simple as enjoying a spontaneous brunch with our family on a saturday is wonderful, and so are the other small every day life perks when living close to near and dear ones. But, mostly its been work in focus these weeks since we landed in Oslo, and drove to Moss (right outside the capitol, where we have our house). Me and my family + a construction company spent 2 weeks renovating 100 square meeters and October 12th we opened parts of a new business called On Point. It´s a dance store, smoothie bar and Café all in one concept, and it´s in the same building as the family driven Dance School I am part owner in. The Dance wear shop opened October 12th and the café part will open November on 6th. So far its been a success and I am excited and hopeful it will stay that way. More about the concept etc after we open on November 6th.

Frida, my little “fur baby” that has been taken care of by another family this year after my dad passed away, and will now be living with me and André. I found her abandoned when she was 5 weeks old, and now she is a 9 year old little diva:)

Moving into my childhood home feels strange, but incredibly good. I had the best childhood one can imagine here and also so much memories from my adult life, being home for weeks at a time. These are my grandmothers roses, that we plantet here when I was a little girl. We will renovate this home to make it our own, but the memories and parts of what once was will be kept.

Show with our Dance Academy. Children, dreams, dance, joy.

“Jenteprise” i Oslo. Så fint å være tilbake i gamle trakter i Oslo.:)

Høsten er kommet og her om dagen var det innsamling til “Plan” i regn og tåke. Norge på godt og vondt:)

B-day for the bes with a bouquet of friends.

I very much enjoy living on an island again.

The day before opening.



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