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Five weeks since I opened a new business and its been a crazy, busy and super fun ride! Being an entrepreneur is quite something else with its ups and downs. Its hard work and it feels incredible to work for on a dream.

About the concept: On Point is a Dance wear shop, smoothie bar and kafé, located in the same building as our Dance Academy in Moss, Norway. We sell quality dance gear, to reasonable price. This is clothes that more often than not, will be used more than 30 times (with is how many times you should use a piece of clothing, to justify buing it when thinking about the environment) and not stuffed in a closet, and its used for a positive activity and sport.

Our kafé is vegetarian and we encourage you to choose healthy and vegan, but we also offer products with some sugar and milk. Our smoothie bar offers tasty and nutritious smoothies, chock full of vitamins, protein, fiber, antioxidants and no sugar, and served in bioplast when you enjoy them “to go”. We believe in the “green shift” and that inspiring people to make small tweaks in their lifestyle will do a great deal for their health and the environment. Small steps among many, is what will take us further.

And also, On Point is all about paper bags, and only that:)





Opening day:)

At On Point we support “World Children’s Day”.

Our whole family worked like crazy to make this happen, and we are proud of the result. The feedback has been amazing so far, and I hope it will continue this way.

We at On Point will do our best to make sure that happens♥


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