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Why Focus on Food?

If you have been following this platform for a while you know that food and food production is in focus. Why?

Well here`s why:)

All living things on this planet needs some kind of nutrition. Its something that affects absolutely everyone. At the same time food is linked to the biggest challenges of our time, and whether you care about the environment, people and public health, animal welfare, world hunger, children and people in general, food is an area where we all can make changes to make the world a better place.

My vegan meatballs. Yum!

Let´s look at the bigger picture:

Today hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry. At the same time people are suffering from obesity and chronic diseases, much due to the food we eat. This makes food the leading cause of our global health crisis. Jup, it´s actually that serious!

Children and the rest of humanity are not the only one suffering from “The Food Link”, our planet and animals are also at stake, as food and how it is produced is the biggest treat to climate and Mother Earth. I might sound pessimistic now, but let me tell you- these are the facts.

Climate Change
In order to be able to produce the massive amount of grain it takes to produce meat, our planet is covered with enormous farms, and 51 % of all green house gasses is caused by animal agriculture. That is more than all transportation in the world, combined! Meat comes from animal agriculture, and animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction.

Animal Welfare
In 98% of the cases meat don´t come from animals that are grassing on beautiful meadows. It comes from an industry of intense livestock farming where the aim is to produce and sell animal products as cheap as possible. This leads to tremendous suffering for the animals. They are deprived from all that is natural for them and to prevent them from not getting sick, what would be a normal reaction to such abuse, they are pumped full of antibiotics that eventually and ironically enough ends up in our digestive system.

Children and World Hunger

82% of starving children live in countries where food (grains, soybeans and fish) is fed to animals, and the animals are exported and eaten by western countries. Today hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry and 21.000 children die from hunger each day, according to the United Nations.  At the same time people are suffering from obesity and chronic diseases, much due to the food we eat. This makes food the leading cause of our global health crisis.

Malnutrition & Disease

Half of the worlds population is malnourished. We are tormenting animals in order to make products that leads to obesity, that leads to chronic disease and lifestyle diseases, which again leads to the most common reasons for death; heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease. At the same time 90% of the soybeans grown worldwide, 50 % of the grains and 40% of the fish are fed to livestock and this leads to less food, with leads to disease and malnutrition for those people depending on these products to eat.

So this is why I want to be an advocate for eating less meat and to  inspire people to make conscious choices when it comes to food. Because, food and food production is the heart of our health crisis and a large part of the reason for our environmental challenges, and that effects everyone living on this planet in some sort of way. In other words: Food can also be the solution, or at least a tremendous part of it!

As much as I wish we all could become vegan in this moment, I believe its much more effective to accomplish change when encouraging people to cut down on their meat consumption rather than to encourage only to become a vegan, which would be the ideal. It´s a known fact that the key to behavior change is to create habits that can be sustained over time, and I believe the impact will be more considerable when engaging people in something they actually see as manageable, that’s why I encourage to go meatless a couple of days a week to begin with. If we all can do that the synergy effect will be enormous. I hope this inspire to do just that, together we can create change ♥


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