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Beach Clean Up

This week over 100.000 people in Norway have picked up trash and participated in beach cleanings, during what’s called “Strandryddeuka” (Beach Cleaning Week). Even our prime minister Erna Solberg performed a beach cleaning yesterday to put focus on this enormous issue.

I chose to cover a larger chunk of my home Island ‘Jeløya’ than usual, so I gathered a little crew. Let’s just say we did not feel unemployed trough the day..

Its been a major focus on plastic pollution in this little country up north the last months and even though I’ve been an environmentalist for a long time I’ve got to admit that the documentaries and tv shows rolling over the screen with information about how extreme the pollution is and what we should avoid to improve this issue, educates me even more. I think its a real eye opener to most people.

Since 15 tonn of plastic ends up in our worlds oceans every minute of every day, and ruins our planets life support system, we should clean beaches every single day. But,  even more important is of course avoiding plastic use in our everyday and eventually that our global leaders ban single use plastic and comes up with a legally binding global agreement. For that to happen we, the grassroots movement, has to continue pushing towards change.

We can all do better in our daily lives when it comes to plastic so here’s a list of 16 ways to reduce plastic, from the awesome Norwegian Green Company, Radical Broccoli: Check them out here: 

Now, there’s 239 potential beach cleaning days left of this year, so let’s get to it!


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