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A rough sail from a turquoise paradise.

The last week has been a bit bumpy, a little scary, a lot of fun action and really educational on the sail side. We left Corica for Lavazzi Island where we visited colorful fish and the world of Nemo before heading over to Sardinia. Sardinia is just as beautiful as people say and we had a blast in the turquoise waters, because how can you not.

Porto Cervo, Sardinia


After enjoying Sardinia a few days the  weather got crazy and heavy winds came. It ended up with us dragging anchor and bumping into another boat in a bay (first big mistake on this trip). It was shit scary, but luckily no one got hurt and the damage was small. Good tip for sailors everywhere; when heavy winds are coming, put out 5 meter anchor for each meter depth. Lesson learned!

After that episode and careful review of the weather, wind and wave reports we decided to cross from Sardinia and over to mainland, passing Giglio Island. So we started the sail and it was great sail wind and not to much, just as predicted. After hours it picked up a lot more than the report predicted an we ended up sailing in heavy winds and big waves. Nothing dangerous because our boat can take A LOT, but it surely was pretty exciting. It´s a special thing being out there alone, with just your partner , the boat and the mighty ocean. We spent 24 hours without any sleep and then spent a night in port Giglio, where they had to let us stay due to the weather. But the harbor was full and we had to stay at a dock where the winds was making Pepper act like a crazy animal and where there was no fenders. So, we ended up watching the boat, one person at the time, trough the whole night. This was just a few meters from where Costa Concordia cruise line was wrecked and sank in January 2012, so without any comparison, that just made the whole thing even weirder.

Before break of dawn the next day we headed off over to mainland, to a little place sheltered from the wind, from advice of an old fisherman e met in Port Giglio. The winds were calming down and so were the sea, and when we arrived at the little bay “Duna de Finiglia” and the sun came up, it was just like magic. We anchored up on what looked like blue silk and went to bed.

So, that is how sailing life can be sometimes and I LOVE it! It´s challenging, humbling and exciting! I feel so free and alive out there, so close to nature. I´m blessed to have this experience with André.♥

Right now we are in Civitavecchia where we have a birth in the harbour for 4 days. Today we are exploring rural Italy and tomorrow morning we are headed to Rome.

I hope life on mainland is treating everyone well.


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