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Bites With A Purpose- at sea

I am so grateful for all the amazing feedback I have gotten after launching ‘Bites With A Purpose’, appearing on tv etc. And even though my life is in transition with moving back to Norway, preparing for future plans there and now being on a sail adventure at the moment I will continue with Bites With A Purpose in various forms in the future. It´s important to me to spread the important message behind the concept.

Reducing our meat consumption is the one, singel standing, thing we can do that will have the most positive impact on our environment, global health and animal welfare. Food really can fix it, and making small changes in your own lifestyle and inspiring others to follow really DOES matter. In fact, it matters a lot.

Purpose & Pepper is about the two components life should contain and these days I’m pursuing the ‘Pepper part’ when out at sea making a dream I’ve had for a long time come true. It’s an incredible feeling really going after your ambitious dreams, whatever they may be.

After all, in the end- you will only regret the things you didn’t do.


With Purpose & Pepper



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