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Friday and a conversation with Peter Singer

Well hello there weekend!

Friday is here, the sun is up, the people are wearing t-shirts outside and i´m spending the weekend here in DC with my love and good friends. That calls for a big smile on my face:)

Soon there is lunch time, and then I have four more hours of study time before i´m heading out in the sun for a work out and fresh flowers. The flower part is a must on Fridays, it´s all in the little things. Tonight I have a date with my friend, and we are going to an event in the Lisner Auditorium down on 21h street hosted by Giving What We Can DC and Population Services International (PSI).

The Most Good You Can Do- A conversation with Peter Singer is the name of the event where Peter Singer, often described as the world’s most influential living philosopher, is giving a lecture and presenting his case for “effective altruism”, a challenging new movement of people who want to live more altruistically while taking a critical look at traditional philanthropy. He will discuss ways to make the most impact for Global Good, which to me is extremely inspiring and important. Mandy Moore who is an actress, singer and Global Good Advocate will talk about her work as a PSI ambassador and Global Advocate for girls and women as well. Can´t wait!

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By the way, these pictures are from a shoot I did with Chichvilleusa earlier this fall. Photo Cred: Ashley Adams

I am very excited about this interesting event and  hope it will respond to our expectations. I have the feeling there will be a drink and some fun Down Town after the event as well, so this Friday is looking good.

By the way; Sometimes, like now, I am in a rush and don´t have time to write in both Norwegian and English, and then English of course is my first choice as more or less everyone in Norway can understand this language. There is a translate button at the page if needed.

Have a wonderful weekend!

God helg!


With Purpose & Pepper



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