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The Streets of Barca

I have heard many good things about Barcelona and as far as I can see they are mostly true. Such a beautiful city with so much to offer. Beaches, mountains, history, shopping, culture and more. As much as I love to travel to more exotic destinations, this city is a place I would like to meet again. In fact, to travel teaches you something wherever you go and what you make of it is what matters, not that it´s hard to make the vacay fun in Barca anyway.IMG_8079



Food festival in the middle of the Gothic Quarter.


Barcelona Cathedral.


We have done a lot of shopping and prepping for our boat, but restaurant visits, some sightseeing and a lot of fun has been logged as well. As for many others Tapas is on top of our list when in Spain. In my opinion the best ones are the hidden treasures, a bit ouside of the worst tourist traps. One evening we were eating at a place called  Gabriel, where our table was right next to this old church. One of those location that makes you feel that you are a statist in Game of Thrones.  And another meal was enjoyed under a orange tree on a roof terrace with the view over the old, tight streets of Barca. Happy days<3






At the moment we are still in Barca, waiting to cast of and sail down the Spanish coast. Can´t wait!

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