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Meatless Monday from the sea

Since it’s Meatless Monday, one of my favorite concepts for cutting down on daily meatconsumption, I want to share a mouth watering recipe I made here onboard Pepper, a few weeks ago. It’s inspired by Sensiblerie.no. A Norwegian food blog with tempting recipes.

It’s a dessert, but hey- it’s summer and that means that dessert is allowed for both lunch and breakfast. At least some days;)

You need: 

♥ 1 can coconut milk

♥ 12 dl frozen berries

♥ 50 g dark chocolate (85%)

♥ 1 pinapple

♥ 2 handful of fresh strawberries

How to: 

♥ Make a pinapple cup by varving out the pinapple meat with a spoon or a Ice cream spoon.

♥ Make sure the coconut cream is stiff and cold and poor it into a blender together with the frozen berries.

♥ Blend until it’s a smooth mousse, and put 3 scoops of the icecream blend into the pineapple cup. (See www.sensiblerie.com for more info on various tastes etc)

♥ Cut the dark chocolate, the strawberries and the pinapple meat into middle sized pieces and squeeze them into the icecream and around the plate.

Voila! A vegan and delicious treat for Meatless Monday or any other day.


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