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Long time no see! It’s Friday, it’s March already and I’m back from my writh drought here on Purpose & Pepper. Life happens and to make a long story short, sometimes there just is not enough hours in the day. Some posts were made during these past weeks (you can see them now if you go back from this one), but my IMac broke down two times so I was unable to post then.

At the moment we were actually supposed to be in Mexico, but our foster dog, Greg, got sick and had surgery on his paw so me and André felt we couldn’t leave him and had to cancel the trip. He is not our dog and the organization would have taken good care of him while we were gone, but he needs some extra love now that he is walking around with a bandage and a plastic collar on his head. Poor baby. Annoying that we had to cancel but such is life sometimes, and Mexico will not go anywhere.
His surgery went fine and now he is recovering. Look at this little fellow with his candy basket<3

Greg operert 23

At the moment we are just on our way to some friends for a casual evening with pizza and wine. I look forward to having a fun night.

Btw, hope you read my post on yesterday about the endangered Elephant. Remember to #Jointheherd

Have a great weekend!!


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