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Ocean Adventure.

If you have followed this platform for a while, you might have noticed that I have a big spot in my heart reserved for the ocean. Ever since I was a little girl it has fascinated me, with it´s power, mystery and beauty.  I grew up, spending a lot of time on our familys boat, where my father eductaed me about the ocean and the fascinating creatures living in it and depending on it.

Years later I found a man sharing my passion for the ocean and last year we had our first big adventure on our boat, sailing The Mediterranean for 5 months. It was a fascinating, humbling, scary and insanely cool experience that led to an even stronger admiration for this blue mass that covers 71 % of our planet.

This year we will be heading out on a new oceanic adventure over 4 months and my wish during this time is to increase my knowledge about the ocean, share it and raise awareness around how needed a change from us humans is and how we can all do our part and BE the change. At the same time I plan to share the beauty of life at sea and hopefully increase your interest for it. The more we know about something, and admire it, the more we want to engage, and take action. It has never been more important to take action for the ocean and our planet, so I hope you want to joine me.  

I am SO excited about this project, and I will write more soon, but for now I´ll share some photos from our journey in 2017.







The horrible down side… What we humans do to this planet..

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