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She is ready!

After spending five days here in Barcelona we are ready to take Pepper on her first long trip. The plan were to leave this morning, but there has been some small service things to fix and since the Spanish way of life has kind of a slow pace, we got a bit delayed. So, after the last service on the boat tomorrow, we will head out to open sea in our beautiful adventure partner. Can´t wait!


The stickers with Pepper´s name, home harbor and registration number came today and she is now officially named. I am of course excited that Moss (my home town) beat Bergen (Andrés home town) and that Pepper´s home port will be in Moss, Norway after some years of adventure in international waters 🙂




Earlier today we moved Pepper from the Marina she has stayed in during our visit here, into Port olympico. This Marina is located in central Barca right beside the main beaches and board walks. Pretty spectacular to see this city from the sea side and chill on deck. We took a stroll on the beach and trough the city as well and enoyed some tapas right outside the impressive cathedral.


Marina Olympico, Barcelona. Pepper is enjoying herself in this harbor:)




The beach of Barca



Sagrada Familia by night.

In some areas of this city you kind of feel like you are taken back to ancient times and i love the small streets and charming stores that are everywhere. We also saw the famost basilica Sagrada Familia tonight. Just Wow! What an incredible sight!We will get up early tomorrow and take a look at it in daylight as well.

Good night from Marina Olympico.


With Purpose & Pepper



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