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Sleeping Beauty

Spring´s most beautiful fairytale is currently being displayed on stage in Moss, Norway! Yesterday was opening night for Eldbjørgs Ballett og Dansestudio`s Sleeping Beauty, where the dancers (children, youth and adults) did a fantastic job of showcasing the joy of dancing on stage. Over 300 dancers are complicit in different roles in this production and the rehearsal period has been going on for almost two years. To all the students- you were great!








Eldbjørg´s Ballett og Dansestudio is a family run academy with over 600 students, and as part owner in the Academy i came home to Norway to work backstage etc with this production. It has been so much fun!

Congratulations to my mum and sister who, in collaboration with Brian Toney from the Norwegian Opera, has  created this success! You rock! To see young ones sparkle with joy on stage, showing of what they have been working on is really something. Thank´s for letting me be a part of it.


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