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The Spanish Coast

Holà!  Thats a proper opening considering I am in Spain right now. Onboard ‘Pepper’ (our Catamaran) that is, just arrived in Barcelona harbour after a 30 hours sail crossing from Ibiza.

Last night was epic as we (me, André and two friends) sailed on open black ocean under an incredible starry sky. Nothing to see but black ocean, lit up by the moon and the suddenly a flock of dolphins accompanied us, jumping in front of the boat. They love to play with the boat and get pushed by the current, so they stayed with us for a while. André had to hold my dress for me not to just jump in after them. To say that I love dolphins is an understatement. I could have married one if possible..;)

Being close to nature like that and having surprising animal encounters humbles me and leaves me speechless. Just so freakin amazing! And then to arrive sea side, to city like Barcelona- wow our adventure is living up to the expectations so far.

Crew for our first crossing from Ibiza to Barca.

Incredible sunset over Formentera Island.

Night sailing

The morning after….Like sailing on silk..

These to weeks we have been visiting lot’s of cities, small places and Islands on the southeastern part of the Spanish Coast. Cartagena, Alicante, Althea, Villayoyosa, Ibiza, Sant Joan, Formentera to mention a few. My favorites has been Ibiza and Formentera. So stunning! Ibiza has this cool, chic Island Vibe and Formentera has the incredible turquoise water and white, gorgeous beaches. If you get the opportunity- go!


Now, we are ready for 5 more days in Barcelona as we are meeting up with old friends from Rio, having good friends from Norway coming to stay with us on the boat and getting to know Barca even better. My fab city in Spain.

Hope the start of your summer is superduper!


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