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The treasures we find in the midst of The Med

Isla di Procida. Even the name sounds exotic and picturesque. This is a little Island we found on our way to Napoli and it sure was worth exploring. After sailing the whole day we found this little diamond on the map, some hours before sunset. Spontaneity is some of the beauty of this adventure and going where the wind takes you is part of sailing, so coming into this beauty of an Island covered in colorful small houses there was no doubt that we had to spend the night.

When anchored up we had the view of the little fisher village on the Island, with the sunset coloring the buildings orange and its pretty hard to describe how insanely beautiful life down here looks from the ocean. Architecture is one thing, but the ocean, the cliffs in the water, the birds and all life around is truly incredible. Im aware of the fact that I’m sounding like a poet wannabe now, but I´m  just so amazed by the nature out here. Living on a boat is nothing shorth of magic:)

We wouldn´t do very well without our little dingy boat, always transporting us into dry land

The colors of Procida ♥

Now, we are sailing towards Capri, and I cannot wait to see the island I’ve heard so much about.

Ship o´hoi!


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