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Right now I am so happy it’s a little hard to explain. I’m in Cartagena, Spain with André onboard our boat. And the adventure we have been waiting, planning for and working for a long time, is about to start. 

We spent 10 wonderful days in Norway and now we are throwing off the bowline and sailing off into the Mediterranean, first stop Alicante, Spain.

I have butterflies from head to toe and can’t sit still at the moment. Which is good because this boat needs a serious cleaning after waiting for us here in the port of Cartagena for 10 months. We bought it in Barcelona October 2015, and we have been using it as many times as we have had the chance to when living across the Atlantic. One of the most amazing parts of that is that I got to take my father on this boat and fulfill a lifelong dream of his when sailing for 2 weeks with him and mum in March 2016. He passed away that spring, but he is very much still present here, with us.

I grew up with ‘boatlife’ in Norway. And some of my absolute happiest memories is from those days at sea with my family. André shares my passion for the ocean, boatlife and adventure, so then we started to make a plan to make it happen 3 years ago. It’s been a dream for us to sail the world and so we begin with the Mediterranean and this will be our home for the next five months. Happy heart.

You are probably wondering if we actually can sail. Truth is we bought a catamaran because we wanted the combination of ‘living comfortably at sea’ and traveling by wind power. We have practiced quite a lot, but truth is that this is a learning by doing project. Being careful, not taking big changes and having safe weather rapports at hand is important to us and for the more rocky parts of The Med we will have friends/crew over, both for support and to share the experience. In my opinion learning by doing is the most effective way and I can’t wait to get better and better. Stay tuned;)

I hope you will follow me along on this exciting journey by social media, and check in here at Purpose & Pepper from time to time for updates on our adventure for the “pepper part” and the other topics I cover for the “purpose part”. I won’t be writing a lot due to internet connection and the fact that I will focus on the adventure, but I’ll update from time to time. For more, check out Instagram @purposeandpepper

Already tomorrow morning we are sailing up the coast so I got to get to cleaning, grocery shopping and prepping. I can’t believe we are finally here!


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